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If you have any questions about Construction Pool membership, Construction Pool events or sponsorship opportunities please get in touch.



Q. Am I eligible to join Construction Pool?
A. We only have one rule at Construction Pool and that is that all guests at our events must work specifically and firmly in the property and construction sector. If you are an architect, an interior designer, a kitchen fitter or provide any other relevant trade or service you are absolutely eligible. If you are a related service provider - for example a PR agency or solicitors practice - your company (or your role, for larger organisations) must see you work 100% in the sector. This is what differentiates Construction Pool from other networks. It is also what keeps our network relevant and productive for our guests. If you are in doubt about your eligibility please contact us before registering for an event. All registrations are subject to review. We hope you understand. 

Q. Where do Construction Pool events take place?
A. Last year we ran events in 7 UK cities, all in the north. Our regular events currently take place in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Wirral. We plan to add to that list very soon.

Q. How much does it cost to attend an event?
A. Construction Pool events are free-to-attend. You must simply register your place in advance, from our events page.

Q. How much does it cost to sponsor an event or appear in the online directory?
A. See our Membership Options page. 

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